NEW MUSIC!!! Sandra Bland (RIPWIL) – Tha Bossplayaz feat. Daraja Hakizimana & Geno of Club 803

The 2nd Installment from the forth coming Album “Tha Bossplayaz – Bossplayaz Season” courtesy of My Block Recordz + BitTorrent

Produced by G.U.M$
Written by G.U.M$ & Daraja Hakizimana
Mixed by G.U.M$ & Daraja Hakizimana
Additional Ad-Libs by Geno of Club 803

NEW MUSIC!!! Future + Daraja = The Percocet & Stripper Joint (Bo$$PlayazMix)

Produced by Southside
Written by Future
Bossplaya Mix by Daraja Hakizimana
Original Version From the Album DS2 – Future
BossPlayaz Mix © 2015 A1/Freebandz/Epic Records/My Block Recordz

Buy Future’s “Dirty Sprite 2” “DS2” Album at iTunes:

NEW FLICK!! Sunshine Wine feat Kato The Creation | Daraja Hakizimana

The Last Visual Installment from Daraja Hakizimana’s 2014 Art Music project backed by iHipHop Distribution, My Block Recordz, & The Coughee Brothaz…….‪#‎CBz‬ ‪#‎ArtMusic‬ ‪#‎DarajaHakizimana‬ ‪#‎iHipHop‬ ‪#‎YouTube

NEW MUSIC!!!! Daraja Hakizimana x Lo-Ki – She’ll Be Fine(prod. by J Dilla)

From the Forth Coming project Daraja Hakizimana presents “Tha Bossplayaz – Return of The Bossplaya”. Daraja hooks up with 4ThaLuvRecordz artist Lo-Ki on an exclusive J-Dilla production/track to talk about dealing with today’s relationships in the new digital world of HipHop & music.
The moral? She’ll Be Fine……….press play & enjoy.

NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY!!! from Daraja Hakizimana Announces via Twitter!!! >>>>#She’llBeFine

2015 NEW MUsic Twitter Annoucement

Daraja Hakizimana is cooking up sum new dishes and his latest track titled “She’ll Be Fine feat. Lo-Ki” courtesy of 4 Tha Luv Recordz is produced by the Late-Great J-Dilla. Coming from his forth coming project titled “Bossplayaz – Return of The Bossplaya” schedule to be released in June 2015 sometime. The project is also being exclusively backed by BitTorrent. So get ready Playaz!!

NEW VISUALS!!!! That Moment & In Montauk (Official Video) – Daraja Hakizimana | Art Music

Daraja drops the last Visual Installments from his highly-anticipated classic “Art Music – Daraja Hakizimana” released on My Block Recordz/iHipHop Distribution.
In Montauk Directed by Jeremy Gladstone and That Moment Directed by Daraja Hakizimana.

Club 803: “Cloud 9” – a great hip-hop flava’d R&B Album/Review


Simple, good, old-fashioned, horse-sensed, musical R&B structure plus foreplay-oriented lyrics, sweet, beautiful melodies and Geno Williams’ laid-back, trademark vocals are what this album is all about. Satisfaction guaranteed by R&B songs like So Good and Remember Falling in Love or the Hiphop influenced I Want You , Go AHead and Go Ahead (Pt.2), which are great choices for chill-downs. Also plain yet sweet and beautiful are the keyboard sounds in the album. What about the rest?

I was very excited about listening to this last offering by Club 803, entitled “Cloud 9”, after reviewing their 2009 “The Addiction” album. That album had authentic ‘soul’ feel and a groundbreaking attitude that gave it a special sonic aura not to be found in modern R&B orientated releases. You may find better sung or better produced neo-soul albums than “The Addiction”, but you will be hard pressed to find as much creative spark contained within beats and vocal deliveries than the aforementioned album. This all led to one thing obviously. Club 803 created a ground-breaking precedent and elevated my expectations to an extremely high level with each passing moment.

For Rest of the Interview: